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Picking up where S(E)2 left off we see Speculation(Elation)3 continue an exploration into a variety of simulated manifestations, mobile geographies, and pictorial fictions. The group show will include two Video loops by ETEAM and Noah Stout, Sculpture by Deborah Simon, Installations by Chris Nelson, Performance works by 23E Studios, Drawings by Charley Friedman, and a hybrid book project by Max Goldfarb & Matt Bua.

Dates: May 7th - 23rd 2010
Gallery hours: 12pm-5pm
(weekend hours and by special appointment)
Opening reception: Friday May 7th 6-10PM
Closing reception: Thursday May 20th 8-10pm
(Following a Mobile Geography video performance by Jordan Biren)

Noah Stout
Mantis + Auto - 5:00 - 2009 (Looped video)
Magic Rays - 2009 / graphite on paper
Powers - 2009 / gouche
Shelved Animals is an installation of various animals set on shelves and hanging from the ceiling, species mixed up and out of scale, like children’s toys forgotten and discarded. Some species will be highly endangered like the giant panda and others more common, like fur seals or raccoon. The animals, shown with no regard for eco-systems or taxonomy, are the fallout of man’s tendency to cherry pick what’s desirable and convenient and then quickly discarded it when it’s not. The confusion of scale and species seems to be exploding from the shelves along the walls with each species commanding the viewers’ attention in hopes of not being ignored and forgotten.
50:00 - 2006 - (Looped video) + prints
Dead Day, 2005, inkjet print, 61x100 cm
"10x1” starts off with the same premise as "1.1 Acre Flat Screen" - a winning bid for a real estate auction on ebay (“10 acres, high bid wins”). Trusting the regenerating power of the desert, we plan to conduct experiments with scale and proportion, position and growth. Through the winning bid and its consequences, we are already navigating through larger images, higher bills and less legal property information. The lot seems to be located in Northern Nevada near the Utah border, an area which was heavily used for military testing in the 60‚s. Using a similar approach as for the last piece we are taking the land as a reality background and a testing base for our virtual and conceptual explorations.
Visionary Drawing Building (2009), a publication organized and produced by Bua and Max Goldfarb with support from The Joan Mitchell Foundation. This expansive collection of drawings -- which originated with an invitation to a wide range of participants, including established and emerging artist and architects as well as those presenting ideas for the first time -- represents unconstrained ideas about building structures.

OBJECT - The project seeks to represent a multiplicity in concept and vision, fantasy and innovation. Originally produced in book format, the work was initially situated for display adjacent to an architectural incursion (by Matt Bua) into a museum, functioning as an independent, portable archive. For, drawing is of primary interest, and can include notation or diagram as long as the format (information table) is maintained.

VISIONARY DRAWING BUILDING is concentrated on un-built (impossible or speculative) structures that exist on paper. This project began with an invitation to a wide range of participants, including artist, designers and architects of renown, as well as those presenting ideas for the first time. The archive will reveal an array of works that convey alternatives, byproducts, expansions or critiques of one’s environment: it will highlight many visions that exist outside of established channels of production, and conventions of design.


We are accepting drawing submissions that reflect the categories we have established under the broader theme of, ‘visionary drawings’. Newly submitted drawings will be periodically reviewed and added to the archive. Drawings can be made in any medium, and should convey a dwelling/structure/architectural concept.


Choose a category from the following list, or write in your category if it is not represented:

Adaptation/Re-use, Clandestine Space, 
Critical Intervention, Fort, Interstitial Space, Medical/Healing Facility, Micro-community Spaces, 
Mis-use, Mobile, Museum/Pavilion, Nature/Habitat, 
Radical Lifestyle Housing, Reconstruction, 
Survivalist Encampment, Techno-sustainable, Utilities, Worship, or Other.

Chris Nelson

“Reflecting Back” and “Between Space” (Installation / 2010)

In an installation created specifically for the Parsons Hall Project Space water drips from the ceiling into a shallow oval reflecting pool (28’ x 10’); while light reflects the waters movement back onto a parallel wall.

Water plays an important role in Holyoke, where its canals powered the many paper mills during the late 1800 and early 1900’s and still supplies electricity to the city. Today, water is also the main culprit that is destroying these old abandoned buildings, slowly rotting them away from the inside out. Their dark, dank interiors are like giant caverns with the echoing sounds of dripping water. The Parsons Project Space itself was riddled with leaking ceilings and puddles of water before being rescued by its current owners. The pool mirrors the ceiling where the water originates, creating a visual circle, while also miring the reflection of itself on the wall.

During the day, when the sun is at the right angle, reflections of canal water can be seen on the sides of the buildings and on their ceilings within. It becomes a dialog between this inseparable pair of canal and mill, blending together. This is some of the inspiration for both “Reflecting Back” (the interior installation) and “Between Space” (the exterior piece) where light is reflected off the water. With “Between Space”, this reflective quality is created at night by large theatrical lights (May 7th and 8th only) This piece is also a dialog between three buildings, The Canal Gallery and Studios, the Parson Project Space, and Paper City Studios. This trio is a corner stone of artistic endeavors within the city. Each one is strengthened by the other, creating of loose community of talent. The light symbolizes this bond while also linking these buildings back to the canal that separates them.

23E Studios / Portal 9: Carry-on Office

Ovarian Dystopia Quintet / The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
23E Studio's presents:

23 Entryways Into My Mind, Portal 9: When A Home Is Not A House - The 23E Studios Carry-on Office & Portable Morgellon in Conjunction with Parsons Hall Project Space Presents Open Auditions for the Films Touch and Melodrama

Open Casting Call:

23E Studios, in conjunction with Parsons Hall Project Space, is pleased to announce an open call for actors (and those who would like to act) on

Saturday May 22, 2010.

For one day a studio in Parsons Hall Project Space will be transformed into a film-studio – conducting business and shooting scenes for 23E Studios’ new film, Remembrance of Now. No previous acting experience is required – so please come join us. The studio will be open from 10am-6pm.

Shooting will happen throughout the day, as people show up. All actors will be given a share of the net income from the film. All profits from 23E Studios projects are shared equally amongst all participants.

Remembrance of Now is a series of readings of melodramatic scenes and monologues from theater, film and television. Actors will be asked to read these singly or in pairs.

23E Studios will be fresh from recording for both films in Copenhagen, Denmark and Berlin, Germany.

We hope to see you! Welcome!

For more information about the project please contact

Lee Pembleton, 23E Studios:

23E Studios is a film production company founded as part of a 2008 installation at Fringe Exhibitions in Los Angeles, CA. It currently exists as a collaborative producing art films and installations worldwide. Its first installation, Disembody, was held-over in LA for an encore presentation due to popular demand. A documentary about that work was premiered in August, 2008. A director’s cut is currently in post-production. Their non-narrative film S/Z is currently in post-production, with a premier scheduled for May 1, 2010. Their noncontiguous sculpture garden, Earthbound Moon, will install its first artwork in September, 2010. Through 2011, Earthbound Moon is scheduled to install works in Cairo, Egypt; Chania, Greece; Baja, Mexico; Portland, US; San Francisco, US; and Texas, US.



Ovarian Dystopia Quintet presents:

The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath was recorded in late January 2008, and is currently being mixed. It is not slated for general release. The album was improvised and recorded live in a one room studio. The guiding spirit for the mix is the novella by H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. The record will be featured on a listening station in the 23E Studios office.

Ovarian Dystopia Quintet is comprised of:

NOBU STOWE - (piano)


TAHA BELAL - (Field Recordings)

JASON BIVINS - (Electric Guitar)

ROSS BONADONNA - (Alto Sax, Baritone Sax, Guitar, Nord, Percussion)